Looking for a one-night stand partner, do not limit yourself to particular places, approaches or time. Here are several things to consider. (Part 1)

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How to find a woman for one night? (part 1)
So how do you find a woman for one night? Is there a place where women are willing to have sex with a man just for one night? Obviously, I'm not going to tell you to go find a prostitute, that would be way too easy, not challenging and absolutely not rewarding for you. But neither am I going to give you a method for sleeping with girls ho hoped for more than a one night stand. However, I'll give you several strategies and methods I use to hookup with a different girl every day if I feel like it:
Number one: Multiply your meeting places. The first piece of advice I am going to give you is to increase your meeting places. When I'm single, I won't just flirt on dating sites, in the evening or during the day. I will seduce wherever possible. If you want to meet a woman for one night, you need to multiply your meeting places to maximize your chances. If you only meet during the day, in the evening, on dating sites or in your social circles, you are automatically limiting yourself. The main difficulty when you want to sleep with a woman just for one night is not to seduce her, but to find her. So to the question "how to meet a woman for one night stand?", the best answer would be: multiply your chances by using any possible meeting places, time and platforms. Do not stick to just one time or place or technique. Be on hunting mode all the time.