If you meet a woman on a street and you know that you would like to spend a night with, should you approach her right away? (Part 5)

Meeting a girl during a daytime

How to find a woman for one night? (part 5)
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We will now talk about my favorite time to meet horny ladies, which is during the day. I love to meet my fuckbuddies anywhere. On the street, on the train, in blablacar, in a store, in the waiting room to see the doctor, etc ... On the other hand, I must admit that during the day, women are less inclined to have a simple one-night stand. When you meet a woman during the day, the meeting rarely lasts more than ten minutes. It is therefore difficult to show your intentions in such a short period of time. That's why I recommend that you wait until the first date to start talking about your intentions. Obviously I don't tell you to be so straightforward as to tell her very clearly that all you want to do is only spend a night with her. But as soon as the opportunity presents itself, you need to let her know that you are not looking for a serious relationship. To make sure there is no misunderstanding between you, you should keep your distance from her and avoid at all costs, behaving like her future boyfriend, avoid passionate kissing, affection, sweet words and company. Remember, in most cases, it's your behavior with girls that will make them want more or not.