It is risky, but think of the girls from your "social circle" (Part 6)

Seduce in your social circle.

How to find a woman for one night? (part 6)
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The last point I was going to mention, conserning meeting a woman for one night is advicing you to look around at people of your own social circle: (collegues, friends, aquaintances, neighbors). The social circle is certainly the easiest place to meet people and to hook-up effectively. And yes, you already have recognition and authority coming from your friends. On the other hand, to meet a woman for one night only, the social circle is not the best place ... Why? Because in your social circle, you have a reputation that will follow you! If you sleep with women in your social circle just for one night, you have a good chance of stirring up gossips,censure, condemnation etc among the people you know. The secret to meeting a woman for a night in your social circle is to be clear with her from the start about what you are after. It is very important to organize your meetings outside of your social circles. Otherwise, you take big risks...

Modern approach towards dating. Is more always better? Opinion.
The vow "Until Death Do Us Part" tore me apart at weddings. I don't know if there is anything more sublime than finally finding the person we will share the rest of our lives with. But those days are dying. I'm speaking from a foreigner's perspective. Growing up in China, a country with thousands of years of traditional values, people don't have fun when it comes to marriage. Although the increasing exposure to Western culture has liberated many sexual repressions, the core Asian belief still revolves around monogamy. However, this is not a popular theme among American singles. Often, we even don't care. With the birth of dating apps, the hookup culture has evolved to a whole new level. No one has the patience or the ability to deal with loneliness anymore.

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